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is because ben bernanke said we might taper back from this printing. >> we might end it if the economy gets better. i don't believe they're really going to do this. >> steve: you don't? >> no. i don't think ben bernanke will be replaced by janet yellen who is into printing money. i think they will not allow the obama economy to rest on its own. they will keep printing money to keep this feeble economy. if you stop printing money, then all the impact of obamacare, higher taxes, all the regulations that this president has imposed, those chickens come home to roost and forget about the 3% growth. we'll have 1% growth if we're lucky. >> steve: we probably have 3% growth because of this printing of the money. >> right. >> steve: i know you don't think it will happen any time soon. but if it did happen next month what, would happen? >> if he stopped printing money next month, the market would go down to 12,000. i've been on tho thank show and i said if he keeps printing money, there is no stopping it. >> steve: you say 20,000? >> if he keeps printing, dow 20,000 in the next couple years is feasib
we did nothing in the face of real threats to our security and our economy. >>brian: shortly after president obama's state of the union address his administration freed 2,000 of the most dangerous illegal aliens detained in u.s. jails. one film says we won't find the answer in d.c. so he went to the u.s.-mexican border to prove it. >> we've got units now. everybody's lights on. he is pushing them. he is pushing them north. [music] >> 60-plus. it's plenty busy. >>brian: joining us is the director of "they come to america ii." dennis, you went back to do a follow-up on your first. why? >> i knew what the truth was, and i didn't feel as if i got it right the first time. i had to get it right the second time. i got it right. everything that you have been seeing on television -- everything -- is wrong compared to what it is you'll see in this film. it's because you would never send your cameraman where it is that i go. everything is coming through that border, brian. and when i say everything, i'm talking about terror at its worst level. that's coming from a guy who witnessed 9/11 first
? thousands of tax dollars. credits. stuart varney is here to weigh in. what's ruining the economy? >> for the rest of this entire decade, gas-powered cars will be cheaper to own and run than electric-powered cars. the two only balance out in the year 2020 if gas goes to $6 a gallon and you get a $7,500 permanent tax credit. that's the only way you'll balance out the two. that's it. >> i thought that expired, the $7,500 tax credit. >> a guy from the c.e.o., ronald geckin, the government's bean counters, they are the ones saying it. he's saying the two don't match. electric is not as cost effective as gas. that will be the same for the next six and a half years. >> that's for the driver. it's never been cost effective for the taxpayer. >> didn't you recommend these things? spoeupb i recommended they -- >> i recommended they turn the chevy volt into a gas-powered car. talk about the green movement. >> it's politics. this is a green car. green is a policy. green is all about politics. when it comes to economics, business, it simply doesn't work. it's not price competitive. by the way,
, bear in mind, the economy of wisconsin up until 1850 or before the packers wars bit on selling a fur. you have to have a tag that says what kind of pelt has been used. anything over $50. so is it rabbit or mink? is it panda? is it whatever. if you don't have that, yeah, you are liable to major fines and jail. >> megyn: it's very cold in wisconsin. i remember seeing green bay packers games where they look really, really cold doesn't matter what you have. if you got the hat and the coat, you better have the tag on. otherwise you could be in a lot of trouble. i did look this up. it does say that apparently some people use cat and dog fur, so they really crack down on the regulation. that bummed me out. let's move on to louisiana. there they're all over the mattresses. >> yes. in louisiana, there is a law on the books that says you must, if you sell mattress sets, also give customers the option of purchasing them individually. and you must offer them at an individual price. so who would have thought in the land of mardi gras that this is a primary concern of law enforcement officials. >>
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)